Alfresco Share Configration Training

This two day training will cover introduction to Share configuration. It shows how the Alfresco Share interface can be configured to display your own content models and types, how the advanced search features can be tailored and gives a general introduction to the Alfresco Forms system.

This course is aimed at developers who have prior knowledge of Alfresco and want to understand the Alfresco Forms system in order to configure Alfresco Share for end users.

By the end of training, developer will be able to use Alfresco form sub system, enhance the search functionality with advance search, create custom model, share theme creation and extension, configuring user interface controls etc.

Course Contents

  • Introducing Alfresco Share
  • Setting up Alfresco Share
  • Understanding Alfresco Share Architecture
  • Building Collaboration Web Site with Alfresco Share
  • Administrating Alfresco Share
  • Customizing Alfresco Share - Dashlets, Actions
  • Creating Theme
  • Alfresco Surf Overview
  • Working with Alfresco Explorer
  • Extending Alfresco Share
  • Working with Web Scripts
  • Configuring Alfresco Share
  • Implementing Workflow in Share

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