Apache Cassandra Online Training

Apache Cassandra is a second-generation distributed database initially open-sourced by Facebook. Its write-optimized shared-nothing architecture results in outstanding concert and scalability. An in-depth training with focus on internals of Cassandra, this training will cover core concepts, architecture and design of Apache Cassandra. Participants will be having hands on sessions so they can play with Cassandra installation, configuration and understand its data model.

Course Contents

  • What is “BigData” and ”NoSQL”
  • Cassandra and it’s Origin
  • Cassandra high level Architecture
    • System Keyspace
    • Peer-to-Peer
    • Gossip and Failure Detection
    • Anti-Entropy and Read Repair
    • Memtables, SSTables, and Commit Logs
  • Cassandra Configurations
  • Installing Cassandra
    • Running Cassandra
    • Starting the Server
    • Running the Command-Line Client Interface
    • Basic CLI Commands
  • The Cassandra Data Model
    • The Relational Data Model
    • A Simple Introduction
    • Clusters
    • Keyspaces

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