Apache Maven Online Training

Apache Maven is a project management tool that includes a project object model, collection of standards, a project lifecycle, a dependency management system, and logic for executing plug-in objective at definite time in a lifecycle. Once you utilize Maven, you illustrate your project by a distinct project object model. Maven can apply cross-cutting logic from a set of collective (or custom) plug-ins. Apache Maven Online Training gives developers the skills and knowledge needed to use Maven as an automated build tool.

Course Contents

  • Understanding Software Engineering Techniques
  • Introducing Apache Maven
  • Setting up Apache Maven
  • Getting Started with Apache Maven
  • Understanding build Lifecycle
  • Centralized Remote Repositories
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Source Code Management with Git
  • Agile Team Integration & Collaboration
  • Distributed Deployment
  • Documenting & Reporting
  • JAVA development with Maven
  • Application Testing with Maven
  • Eclipse IDE Integration

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