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Hire Liferay Developer

We are a team of Liferay Portal Developers. We have more than 5 years of experience in Liferay and CMS, DMS, Content Indexing, Content Search and Collaboration Software Development. We have delivered more than 100+ projects in this span. Our Liferay projects have ranged from simple installation to most complicated Liferay based social networks. Our developers’ vast experience in Liferay Portal Technology helps us quickly map your requirements to existing plugins or develop new ones, to give the speediest and cost effective solution.

Laliwala IT has been successfully handling Java development projects for last 10 years and is skilled in all latest Java technologies, frameworks and components. Our Java development team comprises of skilled, experienced and Professionals who have used their technical, creative and analytical skills in delivering solutions for wide range of industries. We have done extensive Java development for product development, e-commerce, finance and accounting and telecommunication.

We care about customers investments in development projects and provide variety of Java programming and Java development services concerning Java architecture & framework, JavaMail and Applets within your budget.

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