Joomla Training

As you have probably discovered, getting to grips with Joomla is not easy for a complete beginner. There are a number of key concepts you need to learn in order to understand how Joomla works. We cover all these basic concepts in an easy to follow step-by-step approach as we build a simple Joomla website from scratch. These principles will work for you whether you wish to edit and maintain an existing Joomla website which someone has built for you, or if you are just starting to build Joomla websites.

Course Contents

Day 1

  • Joomla set up
    • Selecting your hosting environment
    • Installation and configuration
    • Moving your site from A to B
    • Updating your site
  • Core concepts
    • The content structure
    • Templates
    • Menu links
    • Components
    • Modules
    • Plugins
    • Text editors
    • Permissions
  • Performance & Security
    • Keeping your site running fast
    • Tips and tricks for keeping your web site is secure
    • Backups
    • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    • Meta data and page titles

Day 2

  • Extending Joomla
    • Making best use of the extensions directory
    • Community
    • Directory
    • Shopping Cart
    • Administration
    • Blogging
    • Multi Language
    • Customisation and using your own code
  • Integration with other sites and systems
    • Unified log-in
    • Forums
    • Carts
    • Accounts

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