Liferay Development Training

Developers are responsible for creating custom portlets based on business requirements. Participants will learn how to create custom plugins that can create, update and delete records from the database as well as implement permissions for their portlet. We'll also cover how to extend Liferay's core portlets and how to customize the portal.

For development we will setup Tomcat on Eclipse and use MySQL for the database. Although Liferay can be used with any application server and database, the above setup is the fastest in terms of development. We may also touch upon installation with other application servers and databases as well.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Liferay
  • Introduction to Liferay Plugins Development
  • Liferay Tomcat Bundle Installation
  • Installation of Plugins SDK & Eclipse IDE
  • JSR 168 and JSR 286
  • Liferay New Portlet Development
    • JSP
    • Struts
    • Spring
    • IPC
    • JSF
    • Introduction to Service builder
  • Database interaction

Day 2

  • Understanding Liferay extension environment
  • Hook Development
    • Portal properties customization
    • Language customization
    • Liferay JSP customization
    • Services customization
  • EXT Development
  • Login Event
  • Global Startup Action
  • Portlet Preference
    • Development time
    • Run time
  • Liferay Permission
  • Portlet Resources
  • Model Resources
  • Introduction to SOA in Liferay
  • Web Services
  • WSRP

Day 3

  • Layout Development
  • Overview of Liferay Theme Development
  • Theme Development
    • CSS
    • JQuery
    • Velocity
    • Java Script
    • Color scheme
    • Navigation Customization
    • Portlet UI customization
    • Introduction to Alloy UI

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