Openstack Cloud Computing Training

Objective :
  • OpenStack Cloud Computing Training is designed to get hands-on all foremost apparatus of OpenStack, Storage Architectures and High Availability.
  • This scrupulous course gives hands-on technical training aimed at Admins and IT proficient who are actively getting startup on an OpenStack Cloud.
  • Trainee will get benefited from hands-on advance to learn the material effectively and quickly.
  • This training is very beneficial for Administrators, integrators, solution architects who have basic knowledge of server, cloud computing and Linux OS to understand OpenStack Cloud design principles, working, architecture and benefits.
  • After conclusion of this training, participants can design, setup, configure and scale OpenStack Cloud on demand basis in premises.
  • Laliwala IT has designed this training course in very understandable and easy format.

Advantages of OpenStack Cloud Computing Training course :
  • OpenStack Cloud Computing provides an OpenStack overview & architecture configuration
  • It covers venture goals and various use cases
  • Basic Operating and Deployment ethics
  • Cloud convention patterns, with codebase outline
  • Creating networks/tenants/roles; tuning and troubleshooting
  • Deploying OpenStack for real-world use, practice of OpenStack operation on multiple nodes, capabilities, configuration, security and deployment.

Course Contents

  • Introducing Openstack Cloud Software
  • Getting Started with Openstack
  • Administering Openstack Compute
  • Identity Service
  • Installing & Using Storage
  • Image Service
  • Nova Volumes
  • Horizon Dashboard
  • Open Stack Networking
  • Monitoring
  • Continuous Integration
  • Troubleshooting

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